• 42 minutes

The NPC National Physique Championships are the pinnacle of the amateur contest season where top competitors from all over the country vie for a chance to earn professional status. Without a doubt, the National Championships are the most anticipated top-level amateur contest of the year. The Women's Physique Pump Room video features competitors pumping up, prepping their competition color and oil as well as practicing their poses before hitting the stage. Filled with mind-blowing close-ups of some of the country's finest physiques, this exclusive video is your all-access pass to all the muscle action! • 42 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Brienne Eubanks
  • Lynnie Brooks
  • Giselle Fernandez
  • Alicia King
  • Jessica Bowman
  • Danielle Reardon
  • Danielle Reardon
  • Jami Frenkel
  • Roxie Beckles
  • Janet Gerber

Video Clips

  • Laveka Smith
    Laveka Smith
  • Rosela Joseph
    Rosela Joseph
  • Jami Frenkel
    Jami Frenkel
  • Brienne Eubanks
    Brienne Eubanks
  • Lynnie Brooks
    Lynnie Brooks
  • Joanna Wilson
    Joanna Wilson
  • Jayme Appleman
    Jayme Appleman
  • Asha Hadley
    Asha Hadley
  • Lynnie Brooks
    Lynnie Brooks
  • Tammy Bleile
    Tammy Bleile