• 1 hour 7 minutes

Las Vegas sets the stage for one of the most anticipated contests of the year, the 2000 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships. We take selected top competitors to our private backstage posing area to capture their finely tuned and sculpted physiques exclusively for our cameras.
  • $34.95

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Video Clips

  • Sheila Bleck

    Sheila Bleck

  • Patricia Hamashin

    Patricia Hamashin

  • Dianne Solomons

    Dianne Solomons

  • Patricia Hamashin

    Patricia Hamashin

  • Malea Jensen

    Malea Jensen

  • Stacy Garonzik

    Stacy Garonzik

  • Lora Ottenad

    Lora Ottenad

  • Kathleen Johansson

    Kathleen Johansson

  • Mah-Ann Mendoza

    Mah-Ann Mendoza

  • Stephanie Starr

    Stephanie Starr