- 2000 NPC Nationals Women's Backstage Posing

Women's Bodybuilding • 1 hour 6 minutes

The 2000 NPC Nationals brought together America's most incredible women to the Big Apple as they compete to become IFBB pros. We take selected bodybuilding competitors to our private backstage posing area to capture their finely tuned and sculpted physiques exclusively for our cameras. • 1 hour 6 minutes
  • $34.95

  • $24.95

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Video Clips

  • Heather Foster
    Heather Foster
  • Maribeth Rossi
    Maribeth Rossi
  • Robin Parker
    Robin Parker
  • Amelia Silva
    Amelia Silva
  • Wynne Hendry
    Wynne Hendry
  • Sondra Faas
    Sondra Faas
  • Wynne Hendry
    Wynne Hendry
  • Tera Guzman
    Tera Guzman
  • Colette Nelson
    Colette Nelson