- 2003 NPC National Women's Bodybuilding Backstage Posing

All Weightclasses • 1 hour 45 minutes

The 2003 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships is America's top-level amateur bodybuilding contest. The Bodybuilding Backstage Posing video brings you nearly 2 hours of intense pumping, posing, and flexing as we feature a crop of incredible women from this contest. We set up our private backstage posing area to capture these athletes during the weigh-in, prejudging, and evening show portions of the competition. A great companion to our other videos from this contest, this backstage posing video brings you closer than you ever thought possible for a detailed and comprehensive look at each competitor's finely-honed physique with poses and camera angles you wouldn't otherwise see in our on-stage videos. • 1 hour 45 minutes
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  • $24.95

Video Clips

  • Maya Stone
    Maya Stone
  • Yamile Marrero
    Yamile Marrero
  • Gwendolyn Malone
    Gwendolyn Malone
  • Terri Harris
    Terri Harris
  • Deniz Odar
    Deniz Odar
  • Rosario Sparbel
    Rosario Sparbel
  • Pam Kusar
    Pam Kusar
  • Jane Sommers
    Jane Sommers
  • Shirley Crosby
    Shirley Crosby
  • Amber DeLuca
    Amber DeLuca