- 2005 NPC Junior National Women's Bodybuilding Backstage Posing

All Weight Classes • 2 hours 3 minutes

The 2005 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding Championships brought together an incredible array of hard-bodied, ripped women from throughout the nation for one incredible showdown in America's "Windy City," Chicago. We set up a private posing area backstage and got the best competitors to pose exclusively for our cameras. We get you up close to show each competitor's supremely ripped physique. A great companion to our other videos from this contest, this backstage posing video brings you closer than you ever thought possible for a detailed and comprehensive look at each competitor's finely-honed physique with poses and camera angles you wouldn't otherwise see in our on-stage videos. • 2 hours 3 minutes
  • $34.95

  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Kris Murrell
  • Mechele Smith
  • Ann Dana
  • Alicia St. Germaine
  • Jennifer Abrams
  • Tammi Burdeski
  • Dorothy Trojanowicz
  • Kris Murrell
  • Kirsten Haratyk
  • Kirsten Haratyk

Video Clips

  • Bettina Kadet
    Bettina Kadet
  • Michele Neil
    Michele Neil
  • Michele Neil
    Michele Neil
  • Kim Buck
    Kim Buck
  • Melissa Dettwiller
    Melissa Dettwiller
  • Julia Ledbetter
    Julia Ledbetter
  • Ellen Torrence
    Ellen Torrence
  • Shannon Young
    Shannon Young
  • Drexel Long
    Drexel Long