- 2005 NPC USA Women's Bodybuilding Backstage Posing

All Weight Classes • 2 hours

The 2005 NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas brought together some of the brightest physique stars in the nation! Muscle will burst out of your screen as our cameras take you in for an incredible look at these amazingly sculpted physiques in our bodybuilding backstage posing video. This is more than just mere posing. Our cameras capture every detail and rippling sinew of these incredible powerhouses as we direct each competitor to flex, pump and pose their muscles from a variety of angles. • 2 hours
  • $34.95

  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Tina Chandler
  • Nicole Berg
  • Jayne Trcka
  • Jayne Trcka
  • Tricia Travis
  • Barbara Fletcher
  • Nicole Berg
  • Amanda Dunbar
  • Nicole Berg
  • Denise Fischer

Video Clips

  • Nicole Berg
    Nicole Berg
  • Nancy Simms
    Nancy Simms
  • Kate Baird
    Kate Baird
  • Yvette Bova
    Yvette Bova
  • Cindy Johnson
    Cindy Johnson
  • Britt Miller
    Britt Miller
  • Debbie Bramwell
    Debbie Bramwell
  • Mary Hobbs
    Mary Hobbs
  • Kate Cooper
    Kate Cooper