All Weight Classes • 2 hours 33 minutes

Dozens of the most muscular women in the nation converge in Atlanta, GA for the 2005 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships. As the most prestigious and anticipated contest of the year, the NPC Nationals always draws the top bodybuilders. In this Backstage Posing video, you'll see these physique stars as they pose in our backstage posing area exclusively for our cameras. Great close-ups and interaction with these ladies make our Backstage Posing videos some of our most popular! • 2 hours 33 minutes
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Video Clips

  • Denise McMahon
    Denise McMahon
  • Yamile Marrero
    Yamile Marrero
  • Dena Westerfield
    Dena Westerfield
  • Lisa James
    Lisa James
  • Gwendolyn Malone
    Gwendolyn Malone
  • Jody May
    Jody May
  • Anne Dudash Sheehan
    Anne Dudash Sheehan
  • Norma Nieves
    Norma Nieves
  • Melba Davila
    Melba Davila