- 2012 NPC Masters Nationals Women's Bodybuilding & Physique Backstage Posing

All Classes of Bodybuilding & Physique • 2 hours 41 minutes

The NPC Masters National Bodybuilding & Physique Championships are the pinnacle of the amateur contest season where the top masters level (age over 30) bodybuilders & physique competitors from all over the USA vie for a chance to earn professional status. This Backstage Posing video features bodybuilding women from all classes as well as all women's physique classes as they flex and pose exclusively for our cameras in our posing area. Download version of this video is an HD video file. • 2 hours 41 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Jill Brooks
  • Angela Rayburn
  • Sherri Gray
  • Tracy Klaess
  • Sandra Lombardo
  • Cassandra Wilson
  • Joy Henderson
  • Olivia Terry
  • Cheryl Shelby
  • Kimberly Ferrell

Video Clips

  • Sandra Lombardo
    Sandra Lombardo
  • Nilsa Anderson
    Nilsa Anderson
  • Theodora Djan
    Theodora Djan
  • Paula Francis
    Paula Francis
  • Elizabeth Schneider
    Elizabeth Schneider
  • Dana Capobianco
    Dana Capobianco
  • Jill Brooks
    Jill Brooks
  • Sherri Gray
    Sherri Gray
  • Cheryl Faust
    Cheryl Faust
  • Karen Holliday
    Karen Holliday