- 2000 NPC USA Men's Pump Room Part 2

Light-Heavyweight through Super-Heavyweight • 2 hours 18 minutes

America's best physiques battle in Vegas for the 2000 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships. We've got your backstage pass to this highly-anticipated contest where you'll see the light-heavyweight through super-heavyweight competitors readying to take on the stage as they pump up, oil down and practice their poses. We take you closer than you ever thought possible with this incredibly close and detailed look at these incredibly built athletes. Featuring Scott Klein, Ray Werner, Fred Bigot, Johnnie Jackson, Anthony Watkins, Damon Island, Bob Cicherillo, Tevita Aholelei, Troy Alves, Mike Dragna, and many more! • 2 hours 18 minutes
  • $34.95

Preview Gallery

  • Ray Werner
  • Henrik Thamasian
  • Mike Dragna
  • Ray Werner
  • Johnnie Jackson
  • Ray Werner
  • Christopher Bennett
  • Tevita Aholelei
  • Mat DuVall
  • Scott Klein

Video Clips

  • Arthur Fickling, III
    Arthur Fickling, III
  • Christopher Bennett
    Christopher Bennett
  • Erik Fromm
    Erik Fromm
  • Tevita Aholelei
    Tevita Aholelei
  • Ray Werner
    Ray Werner
  • Randy Samuels
    Randy Samuels
  • Charles Dorby
    Charles Dorby
  • Ben Bertram
    Ben Bertram
  • Damon Island
    Damon Island