- 2014 NPC Masters Nationals Men's Pump Room (Over 35)

Bodybuilding & Physique | Over 35 Division • 1 hour 11 minutes

The NPC Masters National Bodybuilding Championships is the top contest in the USA for bodybuilders and physique athletes aged 35 and older. Held in Pittsburgh, PA, this contest features over 500 bodybuilders and physique athletes in a battle for the national masters title. This Pump Room video features competitors in the Over 35 division from all weight classes. You'll see intense pumping and last minute oiling and posing prep as these men prepare to take the stage. Loaded with great close-ups, you'll see all the muscle in awesome detail. This video is your backstage pass to all the bodybuilding action! • 1 hour 11 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Carlos Ferrer
  • Christian Kratz
  • Tim Liggins
  • Nathan Steiger
  • Omar Bautista Rosario
  • Ryan Walters
  • Kelly Schmidt
  • Armand Dabuet
  • James Maio
  • Antoine Williams

Video Clips

  • Kevin Klemm
    Kevin Klemm
  • Vincent Que
    Vincent Que
  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson
  • Tim Liggins
    Tim Liggins
  • Christopher James
    Christopher James
  • Tim Tevin
    Tim Tevin
  • Matt Zumwalt
    Matt Zumwalt
  • Erik DeLaRosa
    Erik DeLaRosa
  • Travis Young
    Travis Young
  • James Maio
    James Maio