- 2001 NPC USA Women's Pump Room

• 1 hour 36 minutes

Bodybuilding fans placed their bets as America's top bodybuilding and fitness athletes converge in Las Vegas for the 2001 NPC USA Championships. We've got your backstage pass to this highly-anticipated contest where you'll see both the bodybuilding and fitness competitors readying to take on the stage as they pump up, oil down and practice their poses. We take you closer than you ever thought possible with this incredibly close and detailed look at these incredibly built athletes. Featuring Mah-Ann Mendoza, Pam Kusar, Colette Nelson, Sharon Christian, Alti Bautista, Jenny Lynn, Jennifer Cook, Tracey Greenwood, Shannon Rabon and more! • 1 hour 36 minutes

Preview Gallery

  • Jayne Trcka
  • Karen Tucker
  • Jayne Trcka
  • Tatianna Butler
  • Tonia Williams
  • Tatianna Butler
  • Beth Roberts
  • Margaret Negrete
  • Beth Roberts

Video Clips

  • Jeannie Paparone
    Jeannie Paparone
  • Pam Kusar
    Pam Kusar
  • Tracy Mason
    Tracy Mason
  • Terry Hopkins
    Terry Hopkins
  • Jean Phelps
    Jean Phelps
  • Tricia Travis
    Tricia Travis
  • Lola Ruiz
    Lola Ruiz
  • Pamela Wentz
    Pamela Wentz
  • Gwendolyn Malone
    Gwendolyn Malone
  • Beth Roberts
    Beth Roberts