- 2002 NPC Junior USA Women's Pump Room

Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure • 58 minutes

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the first national contest of 2002 in this pump room video. Watch these women lift, push, and pump themselves up in the backstage warm-up area. Lot's of oiling, flexing, and incredible close-ups take you where no other spectator can go! Shot with multiple cameras during the prejudging and evening show portions of the contest. Includes bodybuilding fitness and figure competitors. • 58 minutes
  • $24.95

Video Clips

  • Mara Brescia
    Mara Brescia
  • Heather Hulseberg
    Heather Hulseberg
  • Bethan Wondrak
    Bethan Wondrak
  • Midge Shull
    Midge Shull
  • Stella Krupinski
    Stella Krupinski
  • Kimberly Rogers
    Kimberly Rogers
  • Teresa Boodie
    Teresa Boodie
  • Cathy Nordyke
    Cathy Nordyke
  • Sondra Faas
    Sondra Faas
  • Patriza Philpot
    Patriza Philpot