- 2000 NPC Junior Nationals Women's Backstage Posing

All Classes • 57 minutes

America's best bodybuilding and fitness women converge in Houston for the 2000 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships in this incredible video. We take selected top competitors backstage to our private posing area to pose exlusively for our cameras! Incredible up-close footage bring you closer to these amazing bodies than you ever thought possible! Featuring Catherine Wilbert, Tonia Williams, Becca Swanson, Jennie Phelps, Michelle Bonugli, Robin Herring, Carolyn Bryant, Antoinette Norman, Yamile Marrero, Amy Lindsay, Shannon Rabon, Angela Rojas, Kathryn Breese, Janet Kaufmann, Patricia Lehner, and more! • 57 minutes

Video Clips

  • Daphane Caruthers
    Daphane Caruthers
  • Tonia Williams
    Tonia Williams
  • Angela Rojas
    Angela Rojas
  • Christine Fetzer
    Christine Fetzer
  • Kathryn Breese
    Kathryn Breese
  • Catherine Wilbert
    Catherine Wilbert
  • Yamile Marrero
    Yamile Marrero
  • Carolyn Bryant
    Carolyn Bryant
  • Shannon Rabon
    Shannon Rabon
  • Tonia Williams
    Tonia Williams