Over 40 Light-Heavy thru Heavyweight Classes • 2 hours 34 minutes

The NPC Masters National Bodybuilding Championships is the top contest in the USA for bodybulders over the age of 40. Held in Pittsburgh, PA, this contest features over 150 bodybuilders in a battle for the national masters bodybuilding title. This Backstage Posing Part Three video features men from the light-heavyweight, heavyweight and super-heavyweight classes of the over 40 age division. Shot in our exclusive backstage posing area, this video is full of great muscle close-ups. See the bodybuildiers of this contest in detail in our backstage posing videos! • 2 hours 34 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Marcos Teixeira
  • Brent McMahon
  • Michael Broadway
  • David Hughes
  • Tim McGuire
  • Scott Shoemaker
  • David Hughes
  • Stan Efferding
  • Joe Rivera
  • Brent McMahon

Video Clips

  • Marvin Harper, Jr.
    Marvin Harper, Jr.
  • Steven Pecora
    Steven Pecora
  • Lawrence Hunt
    Lawrence Hunt
  • Jason Marcus
    Jason Marcus
  • Scott Shoemaker
    Scott Shoemaker
  • Scotty Brown
    Scotty Brown
  • Brent McMahon
    Brent McMahon
  • Timmy Gaillard
    Timmy Gaillard
  • Marcos Teixeira
    Marcos Teixeira
  • James Juge Jr.
    James Juge Jr.